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You are correct Barrie,

  and that is precisely why so many younger folks think that ALL 
DIXIELAND MUSIC sounds the SAME and so do a lot of older folks who do 
not readily embrace Dixieland, but gravitated long ago to Swing, BeBop, 
R&B, Soul, Rockabilly, and ROCK & ROLL etc,   People get bored very 
quickly.    While I do not have as extensive a collection of Dixieland 
as many of my friends on this list there is a valid reason for that.   
I have a very broad range of taste in music, and the collection I have 
contains a lot of music that is titled as one song but as it plays 
instrumentally in the background I find myself singing the lyrics to 
another song to it perfectly.  hummm.   Many similarities and no doubt 
more stolen tunes and melodies than we can count, so we should all find 
NAPSTER and burn em at the stake as soon as possible before this 
thievery catches on.


Tom  (Tommy come lately to DIXIE JAZZ ANYWAY) WIGGINS
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band

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    There has been a recent thread about Kid Thomas stealing a tune and 
turning it
into Algiers Strut (thanks Mr Thomas).

W C Handy stole tunes as I am sure Ory did, but he mainly used 
stuff, if they had not done this they would have been lost in the mists 
of time,
I was just wondering if it would be interesting to compile a list of 
stolen or
re-used tunes or tunes put into another tune....has anybody got any?
In folk music the oral tradition was and still is strong people using 
adapting tunes and words the classic being Bob Dylan who did it a lot.

I will start with a basic one

O Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree)   Maryland
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