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Fri Dec 2 22:38:11 PST 2005

Check out dillonmusic.com

they have a large stock of used and new instruments and they are fair 
and flexible.


Elazar Brandt wrote:
> A question for my trumpet tooting colleagues:
> I have a friend who is learning trumpet and is looking for a new American
> made trumpet that will last him well into his performing life. He would like
> to spend up to $300-$400. Can anyone recommend a source for such a horn,
> and/or a make and model? Finding trumpets in Israel is like pulling teeth. A
> new Jupiter costs $400.
> I am a relatively new player, and I tend to deal in used low-end horns. I
> would appreciate some pointers on what to look for in a "high quality" horn,
> new or used, aside from the name. We found a used King 600 in Jerusalem for
> $400, but it was pretty used, and I found a bunch of that make and model
> number for less on eBay. The problem is getting them here!
> Anyway, your help would be appreciated.
> Elazar
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> Tekiya Trumpet Ensemble
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