[Dixielandjazz] Star's Gentlemen's Club - Beaverton

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 2 11:51:26 PST 2005

"Kimberly Shaffer" <Kimberly.Shaffer at pgn.com> wrote

> Yah, and this is a REALLY upscale strip club, it promotes itself as a
> gentleman's club and I believe the cover is something like 30.00 at the
> door...
> Actually my husband is going to meet with the clubowner today and talk to him
> about swing bands and how much they really cost, (at the club of course).  I
> told him he better not be swayed by long legs and impressive gymnastics and a
> steak lunch!!  That should be about 400.00 per PERSON brought home!  I mean,
> it's New Years Eve!!  In New Years Eve 1999, I think Pete made 400.00 that
> night.  Of course it was that Y2K scare and only about 20 people showed up in
> a place where there should have been 500.  Crazy.  We all look back on that
> and that will be a story to tell our grandkids...  It could have the party
> night of the century, but everybody was too scared to go out.
> And Pete can put together an 8 piece swing band, which is small compared to
> his 17 piece, I guess.  And he has high energy with young professional
> musicians to sell in monkeysuits if need be.  I'm sorry, but we have this one
> band in town who shall remain nameless, and they are all retired doctors and
> dentists pretty much all over the age of 80, which I am not slamming older
> people, but they consistently cut other working bands on money all the time
> just so thay can play, and it's just a hobby to them.  Anyway, I am hoping
> Pete can sell image on this one as well as talent.  We will see, I'll let you
> know.

Way to go Kimberly and Pete.

List mates, for more in formation about Stars Cabaret see:

Several years ago we did some gigs for Delilah's Club here in the
Philadelphia area. Similarly, a Gentlemen's Club. LOVED THEM. And ask Evan
Christopher about his recent gigs at a strip joint prior to Katrina.

Beaverton seems like the ideal town for T & A plus a hot band. No wonder
those octogenarian Doctors will play there on the cheap. :-) VBG.

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