[Dixielandjazz] Re: Marsalis was Another NY TIMES Jazz Review

Mark Bauer jazz_trombone at axint.net
Sun Oct 31 16:02:23 PST 2004

Good points. I'm not at all disagreeing on what you or Tom has said. I 
just wanted to set the record straight on what Wynton actually said. He 
does tend to speak out of both sides of his mouth depending on what 
audience he is facing. I've noticed that several times and other have 
told me that too.


LARRY'S Signs and Large Format Printing wrote:
> So what - It's time to get over who invented what.  They are all dead.  Not
> everyone liked Mozart in his lifetime either.  I think that Black musicians
> have a great musical heritage, however, without the white musicians such as
> Paul Whiteman and a lot of black ones too imitating the style and making it
> grow it would have been a musical evolutionary dead end and simply would
> have died or been a minor musical niche.

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