[Dixielandjazz] Lu Watters 'Tea Dance' Concert

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Thu Oct 28 13:56:03 PDT 2004

     Whoops!  Leon corrects me that he played 
cornet, not trumpet, in the concerts.  Sorry, 

<self-inflicted snip>
     On Friday night, i drove down Route 101 to 
Menlo Park to the Café Barrone, where Clint 
Baker's Café Borrone All-Stars were playing. That 
night, besides Clint (trombone), the usual 
players Leon Oakley (trumpet), Robert Young 
(reeds), and Bill Reinhart (bass) were joined by 
special guests Tom Bartlett (trombone), John Gill 
(drums), and Jim Cullum (cornet).  They played up 
a storm, and we remarked that Saturday's concert 
would be hard-pressed to beat it.  Those gathered 
around the table three feet from the band 
included regulars Dottie Lawless and Rae Ann 
Berry, plus interlopers Bob Romans, Tom Wiggins, 
and me.  Leon was thoughtful enough to bring 
along some historical items relating to the Big 
Bear Tavern and its location for me to read.
     On Saturday, an overcast, drizzly day, a 
large crowd convened in the atrium of the 
Townsend Center in San Francisco.  The band was 
composed of Bill Carter (clarinet), Jim Cullum 
(cornet), Leon Oakley (trumpet), Tom Bartlett 
(trombone), John Gill (banjo), Clint Baker 
(drums), Marty Eggers (piano), and Ray Cadd 
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