[Dixielandjazz] Comics, Jazz, Lincoln Center Acoustics in one review.

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> The humor of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra's set stayed mostly on the
> nudge-wink frequency. The band is still settling into the acoustical
> properties of its new Rose Theater and played a lot of its set with
> remarkable quietness. The great news is that you can hear everything, from
> Eric Lewis's softest piano notes to Herlin Riley's subtlest brush detail on
> the drums. 
> Ssssss wunnerful, and it sounds like the Center is indeed a work of ART at 
it's highest level created no doubt to give Jazz some high level Class 
recognition in Nuevo York.

But speaking of humor there, Do you suppose they will play prerecorded 
soundtracks through the PA of clinking cocktail glasses and blow artificial smoke 
into the theater to simulate the ambiance and mood for OKOM?  And will they have 
a glass cased display of famous Trombone players toilet plunger mutes? How 
about a washboard display, we certainly should not let them omit the true 
essence of Jazz now should we?

Someone shouldth protest loudly me thinks  Dahling!
They should after all keep it REAL lest they actually turn Jazz into 
Classical music played to more tuxedos in the audience than on the stage.  :))   
SHHUUSSH  No talking in the Library of Jazz.  No fun allowed here go to the Cajun 
joint if you wanna get rowdy after the performance of Opus 187,  this club is 
for expensive and  Serious Jazz.



Tom Wiggins
    "Real Jazz folks just wanna have Fun"

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