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Sat Oct 23 11:19:35 PDT 2004

Southern HIKU

bubba's momma died
he married her momma 
is bubba now a grampa

bubba shimmied with sister Kate
kept her out awfully late
daddy met with shotgun at da gate

Not may be correct
yet still it's  quite erect
let us not neglect

purt neer po etry
frum whar i sit
iffin it ain't i cud jist spit

Laughfeet the pooeete
his feet be beatin
mississippi mud be deep

Now i didn'git that thar prose frum no innernet i thunk it up all by miself

Fer all my frens who don unnerstan howe to speek suthern, maybe feller 
washboard vituoso Bill kin translate it fer yew.   

mi po urty is werl famus when sung to blues changes and unnerstood purfectly 
by sum of the most iggornat folks on the planit.

they shud be a compleet book of it availabul on Ebay jist as soon as i kin 
find another roll of rittin paper.

I rite all my po utry in thu white house, yep thas rite, my daddy done 
painted the out house white last year, the moon sure looks purty out the winder of 
the white house, and my beckie sue likes to sit onthe log outside an lissen to 
me as i stuggle to rite her these luvly versis.

Last weak a big ole country music sanger stopped by and bought a whole roll 
of my rittins, sayed he wuz a gonna make em into luv songs fer a new CD er 
sumthin, he thanks i'll be famus in no time flat, hoooooot  digggity dawwwg, told 
me he wuz frum ASPAC, and sayed  sumthin bout me bein a IMB ecell iffin i give 
iny of my stuff to BMI.  He figgers i kin make at least enough to buy a six 
pack at the piggly wiggley.

I buleeve i'll jist sit hear all day ritin and a ritin, mite have eenuff  rit 
by suppertime to git drunk agin.

I jist luv beein a Kreeative  an senseativ person, i buleeve i have 
discuvverd my innerself and have becum a bitter purson fer it inthe prosess, hot damn 
beckie sue whut on eurth did u put in this koffee gurl?  Did u git this water 
oughtta pappy's still?

 Bubba the new po ette uv the bluesgrass whar we smoke it not mow it.

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