[Dixielandjazz] Re: Dixielandjazz Digest, Vol 22, Issue 32

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Fri Oct 22 16:31:23 PDT 2004


Steve B. broke a Haiku rule when he wrote:

>What Is This Thing Called
>Love I Can't Give You Anything
>Butt Love Careless Love

and Phil O'Rourke wrote:

>Isn't that illegal in most states of the US??

To which Steve B. responded:

>Heck no. Not only that but in some areas, like where Romans, Ringwald,
>Wiggins and Gunter reside, it is prevalent. I think that's where the
>expression "Watch your back" originated.

Now . . . being one of the "police" mentioned by Steve I can only reply:

Hey - while I don't actually enforce rules I don't make 'em either.

The rules for Haiku are rigid and any violation destroys the simplicity, 
beauty and balance of the art form. Following the rules exactly to achieve a 
free and flowing slab of prose is part of the deal.

To add but a single syllable where it is not allowed is the first step down 
a slippery slope to the ultimate ruination of all that is beautiful in the 

Respectfully submitted,

Bill "Taking a stand for purity" Gunter
jazzboard at hotmail.com

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