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Brian Towers towers at allstream.net
Thu Oct 21 21:10:35 PDT 2004

This is a message for Dick Redmond.  Sorry to do it this way listmates but
AOL has bounced my message twice to Dick's personal e-mail address
(eighthst7 at aol.com)   My apologies.
Brian Towers

Hello Dick,

Yes, I guess you missed the posting.  The URL is
www.easybigeasy.com/music.htm and the guy that developing it is Guy Bisson -
he has made a great start.

E-mail or phone me and ask me what is on when you arrive in July.
(905-821-1728) Unfortunately my band does not do its Saturday matinees in
the summer but the Climax will probably be in town at their Saturday Chick
'n Deli
Also there are often jazz festivals on here and there.
Brian Towers
http://hotfivejazz@tripod,com (band web sites)
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Brian:  I heard a reference from u about a New New Orleans web site?  Is
that correct?  if so could u share the address?  TIA  Dick Redmond, Palm
Springs CA  BTW, I will be visiting Toronto next July for a  convention.
Any advice?

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