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Dear Craig
  This is a great resource. Thanks for posting it.

Dan Hardie

Check out the website:

On Sunday, October 17, 2004, at 05:26  PM, Craig I. Johnson wrote:

> I did a bad job modifying the last post about sources for old  
> recordings before I sent it.
> Here is what it SHOULD have looked like. ---- Sorry
> Craig
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> ----------
> For more recordings:
> Try http://www.dismuke.org/
> A wide variety of 20s and 30s dance music etc. some of it decent jazz.
> Also turn of the century (pre-electric) recordings.
> On most pages you should page way down after looking at the obvious
> links as there are frequently "Bonus" recordings on the page.Look for  
> the information
> on how to download these real audio files. It is encouraged by the  
> owner of the
> site that you do so.
> For swing records, which also can be finagled to be downloaded to   
> your machine
> go to www.tuxjunction.net which includes a wide variety of swing with  
> and without
> vocals from the most popular of the artists of the 40s etc. You'll  
> discover that this site
> is associated with some other sites run by the same guy.
> -----------------------------------------------------
>                  General note about obtaining copies of real audio  
> files:
> Some sites that have real audio files set it up so that you cannot  
> directly download
> them and the raw folder page (like the one I indicated in my previous  
> note)
> is protected so you cannot view it and get the tunes.
> BUT if you run a recording program (like music match) simultaneously  
> with the
> real audio player, you can record what you are hearing by recording to
> wma or mp3 format using the system mixer or "what you hear" (depending  
> your
> version of the musicmatch program) --  as the source for recording.  
> I'm not sure
> that the free version of musicmatch allows this, but the purchased  
> version does
> and I'm sure other recording programs can do so as well.
> Craig
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