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Craig I. Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Sun Oct 17 00:26:17 PDT 2004

I did a bad job modifying the last post about sources for old recordings before I sent it.

Here is what it SHOULD have looked like. ---- Sorry 
For more recordings:
Try http://www.dismuke.org/
A wide variety of 20s and 30s dance music etc. some of it decent jazz.
Also turn of the century (pre-electric) recordings.
On most pages you should page way down after looking at the obvious
links as there are frequently "Bonus" recordings on the page.Look for the information
on how to download these real audio files. It is encouraged by the owner of the 
site that you do so.

For swing records, which also can be finagled to be downloaded to  your machine
go to www.tuxjunction.net which includes a wide variety of swing with and without
vocals from the most popular of the artists of the 40s etc. You'll discover that this site
is associated with some other sites run by the same guy.
                 General note about obtaining copies of real audio files:
Some sites that have real audio files set it up so that you cannot directly download
them and the raw folder page (like the one I indicated in my previous note)
is protected so you cannot view it and get the tunes.

BUT if you run a recording program (like music match) simultaneously with the
real audio player, you can record what you are hearing by recording to
wma or mp3 format using the system mixer or "what you hear" (depending your 
version of the musicmatch program) --  as the source for recording. I'm not sure
that the free version of musicmatch allows this, but the purchased version does
and I'm sure other recording programs can do so as well.


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