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Al Singer,
It is known to be true that the armies of both sides abandoned a lot of musical instruments in the South, after the civil war. They did not need them any more.   The easy access to instruments; the developing blues from the field workers; the cosmopolitan nature of New Orleans; the black church gospel music; the need for a functional music for all occasions like parades,concerts, weddings, funerals, dances etc. These are some of the ingredients that helped to focus the birth of jazz in New Orleans.  In my humble opinion, of course!

Brian Towers
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     do you know?  fact or fiction?   myth or true?....: in the days immediately after the Civil War the Northern soldiers were ordered to get out of  the south QUICK causing musical instruments    to be discarded in the rush  to board boats ,wagons ,whatever going north. These instruments helped to fuel the birth of jazz .   ??????? al singer 

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