[Dixielandjazz] Reeds for woodwind instruments

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Thu Oct 21 11:24:59 PDT 2004

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robert.smith at mitransport.no writes:

> A thought struck me some time ago, and this was:
> Aluminum has a low Young's Modulus, and might possibly work as a permanent 
> reed. I've borrowed a bambus reed and intend to make a replica in aluminum. I 
> don't think there is any health hazard with putting this metal in the mouth.

What the Heck are you saying Bob?  Are you trying to destroy the single most 
lucrative Stock investment in the world, if you invent that damned thing the 
stock market will surely crash around the world not to mention the bamboo 
industry will lose it's largest Gross Product sales.   Oh No, Oh No say it isn't so 
man.   :))

We will pay you NOT to continue this research of destruction of the primary 
source of humor for drummers around the world.  :))   Watching frustrated reed 
players search for that perfect Reed.   We used to laugh at them and tell them 
it was not the reed but the player with the problem, until we discovered how 
much money we could make selling them boxes and boxes of reeds,  Heck I used 
to collect them as they threw them away, put them into a box and sell them back 
to them at the next gig.   ha ha ha ha,  amazing how sometimes they would 
find the perfect reed in that box of rejects.   


Tom Wiggins   the always thinking bandleader.  :))

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