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It also contributed to many of their premature deaths for example Scott
Joplin died from Syphilis.
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> Guy Bisson,
> Well done!  A wonderful idea, to start a web site such as this.  I have
> added it to my favourites and will be interested to see it develop
> Good lay-out too.
>  I agree that the influence of Storyville and the brothels and their part
> the development of jazz is somewhat over-played.  It makes a colourful
> I suppose and is manna for the movie industry etc!   It is well to
> that the jazz bands did not play in the brothels (too small for a start
> not economic)  although many jazz bands played in the bars and dance halls
> around Storyville.   The jazz musicians that did play in the larger
> on a regular basis were invariably pianists, such as Jelly Roll Morton,
> Jackson etc.  We must be grateful to the brothel "Madames" in that they
> helped provide the youthful Jelly Roll Morton  make a living from playing
> the piano and develop his jazz skills.  Interesting to recall that by
> at the age of 25, he had left New Orleans permanently.
> He must have played a huge part in spreading the message of jazz to the
> of the USA.
>  Prostitution clearly brought a lot of money into the Storyville area in
> period up to 1917 and this would have filtered down to the musicians.
> Armstrong was just 16 (d.o.b Aug 4/1901) when the prostitution laws
> in Storyville but no doubt he heard lots of great jazz as a teenager ,
> hanging around in the streets outside the Storyville bars.
> Looking forward to further development!
> Brian Towers,
> Canada
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> > Sue,
> >
> > I remember your post of a year ago and I seem to remember that I replied
> suggesting you visit Fritzels and check out the excellent Ryan Burrage.
> great that you have now moved to New Orleans to be closer to the music. As
> others have suggested, there are excellent and growing congregations of
> music clubs featuring great jazz on Frenchman Street and Rampart
> Street..both within easy walk of the French Quarter hotels. I have been
> off-list for about a year, but have spent that time creating a Website
> dedicated to New Orleans. As a distinctly amateur clarinet player and
> passionate fan of early jazz, I particularly want the music section to be
> the best available guide to listening to and finding New Orleans jazz. I
> was frequently frustrated on visits to the city when trying to find
> non-touristy music until I found out where to go and who to look out for.
> would also echo previous posts in recommending The French Quarter
> but also the Satchmo Summerfest...dedicated to Louis's birthday. This is
> also a good time of year to visit if music is your passion, it's also low
> season and the hotels are cheap...if you don't mind possibly having to
> a hurricane! Anyway, I'd really appreciate some feedback on my music pages
> from experts on this site...it's still early days and I plan to add a lot
> more over the coming months...the pages are at
> > thanks
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