[Dixielandjazz] Musical Tastes of the OKOM public

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Tue Oct 19 11:00:27 PDT 2004

Well, folks:

Here is a bit of alarming news for most of you OKOM Jazz aficionados and 
especially those who like it totally Traditional.

The Golden Voiced/Carrot topped Hair Crooner
Rod Stewart has sold Ten Million copies each of His American Songbook CDs at 
$18.95 each, and has released the third volume.

 Should be about Time for that Duet with Kenny G huh?

Now for the explanation of why it is such a big sensational hit: 

Rod Stewart can't sing worth a crap by most professional standards, but he 
does sound like all the John Q Public dudes that can't either, and he gives them 
a connection to music with his latest recordings, and no doubt many of the 
ladies who are buying his CDs are relating his singing to their lovers or 
husbands who can't sing, but they can fantasize him trying to when listening to 
Rod's  raspy warbelling with some smooth music behind him.

He is doing a good job of Selling the Song as an Entertainer, even though he 
is not a good singer, the key ingredient here is Connecting with an audience 
which obviously he does and they responded by buying Twenty-million CDs 


Tom Wiggins


Tom Wiggins

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