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I was fortunate to stand next to Tommy Loy and play clarinet for 12 years.
He was a great teacher, friend, confidant, leader, counselor and I'm going
to stop there before I lose it.  We in North Texas miss him dearly.  

Bob, I'll have a toast tonight, too.  I'm sure we'll be doing his Birthday
party for the third year at the Bavarian Grill in Plano come May.  Details
to follow.  Hope you can make it again, and I hope many others can, too. 

I enjoy this list.

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(Two years ago today my good friend Tommy Loy passed away...
(I miss that little bald "Texican cornetisist !!!!!" He left me his favorite
(wish I could have somehow gotten his "ears"!
(What a mentor/musician/inspiration!
(I'm going to have a bedtime toast to him...
(Rest well, my friend!
(Warm regards,
(Bob Romans
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