[Dixielandjazz] Jazz and the classics

Anton Crouch anton.crouch at optusnet.com.au
Sat Oct 16 19:53:56 PDT 2004

Hello all

The response to this thread has been thorough indeed and raises some

How did this phenomenon come about?

John Kirby didn't "invent" the genre, but was he the driving force?

What role did WW2 patriotism play?

Was "out of copyright" an incentive? 

(An aside) Re copyright and "Dingbat, the singing cat" - Prokofiev died in
1953 and, under standard conventions, his music would have been in
copyright at the time of this song. However, the Soviet Union was not a
signatory to international copyright conventions at the time.

My addition to the list is the November 1937 recordings of the first
movement of the JS Bach D minor concerto for two violins, by Eddie South,
Stephane Grappelly and Django Reinhardt. Remarkable!

All the best

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