[Dixielandjazz] Beethoven jazz tune

Gerard Bielderman gerardbielderman at freeler.nl
Thu Oct 14 23:39:43 PDT 2004

Luis Daniel Flores wrote:
Does any of your know if any tune created by Beethoven was played in a jazz
rhythm ?
I found ´´claire de luna´´ quite jazzy.

Kenny Ball pianist Hugh ledigo often played and recorded Beethoven's "Für
Elise". In fact it is on a CD called "Jazzical Class", together with
Beethoven's First movement of the Pastoral Symphony. Also on this CD
classical tunes by Schuman, Mozart, Dvorak, Fauré and Rubinstein.
There also was a Rumanian pianist, for the most part of his life living in
Germany and Switzerland, who with his trio recorded many LPs and CDs with
solely classical tunes: EUGEN CICERO. I've been compiling his discography
which is nearly finished now.
In France there's of course Jacques Loussier who recorded Bach tunes and
another Frenchman, fluteplayer Raymond Guiot recorded a lot of classical

Gerard Bielderman

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