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Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Sun Oct 10 21:56:38 PDT 2004

 william crist mensa-1 at webtv.net wrote:

> I just returned from the Juvae Jazz Society concert by Buffalo Ridge
> Jazz Band.  A very enjoyable evening.  Fine musicians with a good
> repertoire.   I especially enjoyed a tune called Golden Gate Stomp by
> Jim Mahlak (sp.)

It is Jim Maihack, pronounced May hack.  I just worked 18 sets with him here
at the Glacier Jazz Stampede.  He plays trombone in our comedy jazz band,
The Boondockers, & tuba in Bob Schulz' Frisco JB.  jim is also an
accomplished piano and banjo player.  He is also a fine arranger.

He played tuba with Turk Murphy for about 8 years at Earthquake Magoons in
SF & also played all instruments in the Rosy O'Grady Band in Orlando for
many years & led the band for a couple of them.

He first wrote that tune, "Golden Gate Stomp" when he was living in Oregon.
He called it "Medford At Midnight".  No one cared for the song.  When he
moved to SF, he renamed it "Golden Gate Stomp" & everyone liked it.

--Bob Ringwald

> A good group and would highly recommend them.  I hope we can have them
> back at a later date.
> Bill Crist
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