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Hello Rob and Listmates;

I was with a band that went to Europe in the summer of 1959. One of the
bars we hung out in was The Atlantic Bar in Stuttgart. It was there we
met some jazz fans and wound up playing in the Dixieland Keller for
beers. It had been a bomb shelter only 14 years before that.  

On another occasion we were sitting in with the Munich Jazz Babies at the
Munich Jazz Keller and when we asked in what key they wanted to do "The
Blues My Naughtie Sweetie Gives To Me" they responded with "S" only it
was really ES meaning three flats.

I have been to New Orleans several times over the last 20 years and each
succeeding time it seemed more dangerous and less in tune with it's
heritage of jazz. I was able to find good food easily but had a much more
difficult time finding good OKOM. It was there but you had to search for

Rick Knittel - JAZZBONE

On Sun, 10 Oct 2004 04:06:26 EDT Schnabbels at aol.com writes:
> Dear Listmates,
> I have never been to New Orleans. I am somewhat embarrassed about 
> that. It's 
> like a muslim who never made the "haj" to Mecca. So, why, at the 
> ripe old age 
> of 64 did I never make to Norlins? Answer: the fear to be 
> disappointed.
> John Farrel's recent post explains the problem quite well. Let me 
> add a story 
> dating back to the early seventies.
> I was living and working in Stuttgart, Germany. I became a member of 
> the 
> ":Dixieland Keller (Cellar). A place where bands played for free 
> (other than food 
> and beer) and thusly raised funds to afford bands like The World's 
> Greatest 
> Jazz Band . I was there, and it was a wonderful evening.
> One of the bands that performed regularly, was the Royal Garden 
> Ramblers. I 
> sat in with them a few times. The band made a trip to the US. 
> financed. I 
> believe by Stuttgart-based Mercedes-Benz. They played in Chicago, 
> St.Louis and 
> ended their tour in New Orleans. There was no opportunityto play in 
> N.O. so they 
> decided to just play on the street. The N.O. media picked up on 
> this, decrying 
> the fact that it took a German band to revive the N.O. tradition. 
> The result: 
> the band received the keys to the city
> So, I still want to visit New Orleans. Are there any listmates out 
> there with 
> some words of encouragement?
> Rob van der Plas
> Scottsdale, AZ
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