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Sat Oct 9 22:38:34 PDT 2004

Heck Mike:

you would be hard pressed to find anybody in the San Francisco City 
government who ever even heard of Lu Watters or Turk Murphy much less have any idea 
where a landmark of the city was removed or still in place.

They still have a hard time finding the monuments for George Moscone and 
Harvey Milk and they erected them not long ago.

They have no clue that Yerba Buena had it's own Band, they think it is just a 
support to hold up the Bay Bridge next to Treasure Island which they still 
think is a Navy Base.

Oh that Yerba Buena, we thought you meant the community center we have been 
funding for the past ten years is there another?

Same reason the city of Oakland has no Slim Jenkins or Clancey Hayes Hall of 

Tom Wiggins

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