[Dixielandjazz] Dr Jazz Shameless Self-Promotion

Elazar Brandt jazzmin at actcom.net.il
Mon Oct 4 13:01:19 PDT 2004

Shalom Jazz Fans!

I am back from Holland and in the middle of Israel's holiday season, and slowly getting back on top of the jazz business' daily

Lots of good news:

* Our CD is released and we have them available for sale. Price is US $15.00, or equivalent in any reasonable currency, **including
international shipping** (or you can come to Jerusalem and pick one up for only 40 shekels). You get 50 minutes of happy music, 15
trad-jazz standards, performed by our 5 piece ensemble of trumpet, bone, sop sax, tuba and banjo, with yours truly on vocals.

Payment can be made by Paypal to me at jazzmin at actcom.net.il but I don't think they will take credit cards yet. I'm working on that.
Otherwise a check or money order can be sent to me at:

Elazar Brandt
San Martin 11/4
93341 Jerusalem

In any case, be sure to specify your shipping address.

The CD covers, track list and some sample clips are available on our website at
www.israel.net/ministry-of-jazz, along with current ordering and payment info when available.

* My partner and I were interviewed on The Media Line, which broadcasts over the Internet and to many radio stations in the US. The
10 minute interview can be heard at their site www.themedialine.org, or there is a link to it on our site. They did a nice editing
job and cut in clips from 4 of our tracks.

* Finally, our autumn weather in Israel is lovely, and will remain that way, usually until late in December. We are seeing the
return of that rare bird, the TOURIST, in large numbers this year. It sure would be great to be able to receive some of you as
guests over here. Can't promise paying gigs, but bring your axes. You never know. Certainly we will find someplace for you to play
at least for tips and lots of fun.

Doctor Jazz Band
Jerusalem, Israel
Tel: +972-2-679-2537

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