[Dixielandjazz] KDDB Web site

Robert Smith robert.smith at mitransport.no
Sun Oct 3 12:46:54 PDT 2004

Yes, Larry, I agree with you. It's "not so good".
I have the tracks on CD, so I hadn't actually tried to download them.
I've just tried it now, and downloaded the smallest *.WMA file ("Happy Band") This came in at about 470 Bytes/sec, and took about 25 mins to load, thus confirming your experience. However, this played with good acoustic quality on the Jukebox player. The file takes a bit of finding on the harddisk if one wishes to keep it available (Jukebox, of course, knows where it is), but I eventually found it as Kddb(4).wma in a Temporary Internet Files folder.
 We're hoping they'll come to our local jazz festival next year (The Hemnes Jazz Festival), so I'll confront them with the problem, although I suspect they know about it, but cannot fix it.


Bob Smith

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