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Sat Oct 2 07:25:11 PDT 2004

Bill: Steal a bit of the old Spike Jones gag...a toilet seat with strings.
He called it the "Latrinophone" or in the Navy a "Headphone." You should use
the seat section, add a thin plywood back to make a sound chamber and
attached neck and add a pickup and you would have a sure fire "Chick Sale"
gag guitar.
Just a thought, but wouldn't it be the perfect accompaniment to the
trumpeter's version of "I can't get started"?
Your for best wishes at getting the pluck out of here,
Don Ingle
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> Hi DJML'ers
> I'm in the process of building a novelty "guitar" by adding a guitar neck
> (frets, tuning pegs and all) onto a brief case or some other disparate
> and I need an electric pick-up to stick under the strings somewhere to
> amplify the stupid thing.
> I mean its a trashy set up for openers. I found a broken guitar in a junk
> heap and removed the neck which is in fair shape and I'm trying to decide
> what is the dumbest thing among the body possibilities out in the storage
> shed to attach to the neck.
> Only problem is, I don't wanna spend a lot of bucks for a fancy schmancy
> electric pick up to run through my amp -- just something that'll be
> serviceable and produce a recognizable sound.
> Does anybody out there have such a thing lying around in a junk box or
> kit someplace they would be willing to part with for a few paltry dollars?
> If so, please contact me privately at jazzboard at hotmail.com and let me
> Thank in advance if you have something I might be able to use,
> Bill Gunter
> jazzboard at hotmail.com
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