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Dave Hanson jazzdude at bellsouth.net
Fri Oct 1 20:55:56 PDT 2004

I would like to comment on the Duke Heitger discussion concerning the SNZ ! 
I was on stage with Duke and his dad.,Ray (clarinet) at a jazz concert at 
Panama City Beach, FL. I had never heard him play but knew I had better be 
ready for this young man with a fine playing reputation.  The session was 
superior and Ray Heitger was no slouch nor was his Dad, Ray.

Duke and I talked about the SNZ for a few minutes, as I was trying to make a 
spot for him in Atlanta, as he was scheduled to play the Atlanta Jazz 
party,and he told me that SNZ wanted him to join their group. He told me 
that he declined their offer, but spoke fondly about the experience with 
them. This is the answer to the question that was posed.

The session was a "cooker" and I will remember it, as all the conditions 
were perfect. Duke was very impressive and dad was right on top of it as 
well. All the players had a great time and the audience dug it all.


Dave Hanson

IIRC Heitger was only on the 2nd CD. He wasn't with SNZ for any length of 
> As for the breakup, one would need to find out what kind of music Mathus
> and Whelan are playing with their respective bands before judging their
> appropriateness for an OKOM-oriented festival. If the 4th CD ("Perennial
> Favorites" was the 3rd) is any indication, forget it.
> But if one of 'em is playing the "PF" style music, it deserves
> consideration, because IMO "PF" was just the kind of creative effort
> Barbone and Wiggs are always talking about.
> --Sheik
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