[Dixielandjazz] Who are they?

Louis Lince louislince at neworleansmusic.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 1 08:14:00 PDT 2004

Following my earlier reply. We cannot identify the players. They could be 
anyone who was around in 1936.
However, will be in Tulane in mid-November will try to get a fix then.



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> Dear Louis,
> Listmate Fred Spencer and I have been discussing jazz books off list (as 
> you
> do) and Fred mentioned Wilber Hobson's 'American Jazz Music' (1941 JM 
> Dent)
> and the inclusion in the book iof a photograph of 'The brass team of the
> ferryboat band at Greenville, Mississippi, in 1936'.
> A great 'Eisenstaedt-Pix action photograph of a trumpet and trombone 
> player.
> Have these musicians ever been identified by your New Orleans Music 
> magazine
> team?
> Does it matter?
> (Just  kidding.)
> Very kind regards,
> Bill.
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