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Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 1 07:28:55 PDT 2004

According to Joe Venuti, it was Venuti who tickled Trigger's genitalia with
his violin bow before the horse went out on stage to rear up with Roy Rogers
in the saddle. Trigger had "dropped down" (horseman's talk) much to the
delight of the audience.

This is normal horse behavior. Wife and I once went to visit Secretariat at
Claiborne Farms in Kentucky where he was retired and standing at stud. A
groom brought the horse outside on the grass, from his stall in the barn,
for us to get a picture of Martha petting him.

Since he was now a stud horse, as soon as he left the stall, "he dropped
down," in expectation of a a little work. I have a great picture of Martha,
big smile, arms around his neck, with him on full display, ready to go with
a mare. She has just now forgiven me these many years later. :-) VBG

He was a great race horse, and very, very gentle.

Steve Barbone

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