[Dixielandjazz] Re: West Coast tunes questions

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Sun Nov 28 14:43:01 PST 2004

Dear David,
Australian jazz bands have been fascinated and influenced by the 'Watters'
sound' from the early 1940s and first YBJB 78s.
Graeme Bell's Dixieland Jazz Band, Frank Johnson's Fabulous Dixielanders,
Len Barnard's Jazz Band, Tom Baker's San Francisco Jazz Band and Steve
Waddell's Creole Belles, to name a few better known groups.
It may therefore be of some interest to list the keys contained in the chord
(fake) books used by Australian bands. I would expect these to be the
original 'Watters' keys.
"Annie Street Rock"   Eb/Ab/Db
"Antiqua Blues"   Eb
"Big Bear Stomp"   Bb
"Creole Belles"   Eb/Ab
"Down Home Rag"   Bb/Eb
"Emperor Norton's Hunch"   F/C/F
"Sage Hen Strut"   Eb/F
*"San Andreas Fault"   Db
"Trombone Rag"   Db

*Sorry Bill Gunter, the dreaded 'picker' strikes again!
It is not "San Andeas Shake".
At least not on my LP (the Homespun H-105 reissue of the original Fantasy
LP) or the Good Time Jazz CD reissue (GTJCD-12066).
However, I agree. It is an 'interesting' tune. In fact, love it.
Kind regards,

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