[Dixielandjazz] Changed tempos for symphonic standards

David W. Littlefield dwlit at cpcug.org
Sun Nov 28 06:25:10 PST 2004

At 01:55 AM 11/28/2004 +0000, Bill Gunter wrote:
>Al Singrer writes:
>>   one possible response to a mates frustration with  playing tunes at
>>non-traditional tempos:   e,g.   How High The Moon  was written as a 
>>ballad....so was
>>Cherokee.I think. Body and Soul played up sounds OK
>Good points and I won't deny them!  There are tunes which can render well in 
>the odd tempo from time to time.  They're possibly the "exceptions which 
>prove the rule."  We notice it when they do manage to pull it off.

In his classic period (1938-1939), Artie Shaw often changed tempos and
rhythms. The foxtrot "What is this thing called love", the lovely "Indian
Love Call", and the rhumba "Carioca" became hot hot numbers, the latin
rhythm "Begin the beguine" became a swing classic, and he slowed down
several tunes. "Indian Love Call" makes a great dixieland tune, by the way. 


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