[Dixielandjazz] What's on your CD player RIGHT NOW

Aad Overeem aad.overeem at wanadoo.nl
Sun Nov 28 06:19:24 PST 2004


Digged up some older CDs, Like "Jass, I Like It" by the Dutch "Revival
Jassband" Certainly one of the best bands in the Netherlands! Listening now
to "What is this thing called love" a feature for the fantastic clarinettist
Eric Laanen.
Great playing!

Before that I played a nice CD by the Italian "Ambrosia Brass Band" , named
"Cioccolato e Limone".
Last summer during our vacation in Italy I had the honor to play a few tunes
with this great Brass Band at the Miasino Classic Jazzfestival.

All the best,

Aad Overeem


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Hello listmates:   I have a feeling that about 98.6% of the people on this
site have OKOM playing right now on their audio system.   So my question:
What CD's (tapes or LP's also) do you have "up" right now.    No fair
switching!    For openers I have
    Duke Heitger's Swing Band "Rhythm is our Business"   and
    John Sheridan and his Dream Band "Get Rhythm in Your Feet" with Rebecca
    (I'm in love again - just listening to Rebecca do "Humpty Dumpty
Heart" - a tune that I had long forgotten)
    There is so much good music available that we seldom turn on the radio
or TV.
    Best wishes for the Holidays - Charlie Coleman
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