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Craig I. Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
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Dick (and any others interested in Band in a Box,)
check out Alan Rouse's site http://rouses.net
He and John Birchall have a project going to do just what
you are asking about. There are download files for BinaB
of Louis Armstrong transcriptions at

John Birchall has a phenomenal BinaB collection of other than
Louis Armstrong, as well. They are listed at

For availability of them, check with John himself.

The other thing to remember is that any midi files you find on the
network -- and there are many, are fodder for use in BinaB

MIDI files....

THere are a tremendous number of rags in midi form.
One example is http://members.aol.com/ragtimers/index.html
John Roaches rag midi-files
"Perfessor" Bill Edwards' page. http://www.perfessorbill.com/ 

John Farrell's site 
has many great midi files of a variety of
jazz tunes - all of which are at least MyKOM. 

Craig Johnson

On John Birchall's site
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> Is there a disc or discs of OKOM tunes available with Band In A Box?
> Thanks,
> Dick
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