[Dixielandjazz] RE: clarinets and mikes

Don Gumpert dongumpert at cox.net
Sat Nov 27 22:21:36 PST 2004

Ever since this discussion began, something kept tugging at my memory.
In 1982, Don (cornet) & Sammy Gardner (clarinet)  took the Rosie
O'Grady's/Pensacola band to play the Mid America Jazz Festival in St. Louis.
At that time, Sam had decided using a mike "improved" the amplification.
Wild Bill was one of the featured performers and Hal Willard was traveling
with him. The Rosie's band was playing, Hal was sitting beside me;  listened
to a few songs, leaned over and said "I have to leave - I love Don's playing
but, I cannot tolerate electrified clarinets in a jazz band".
My two cents worth.
Sandy Gumpert

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