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Here is a copy of my "Thank You" email to the student who booked us at the
University of Pennsylvania and his reply. The "problem" with another party
he mentions is one this summer at the Frat house on campus where a student
fell out of a window and was injured. So their "on campus" parties were
suspended for a year. "Matt", to whom we both refer, is the president of the

Steve Barbone

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From: Steve Barbone [reply to:barbonestreet]
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To: Schmidt, Joseph
Subject: Re: Jazz Event, University of Pennsylvania

Hi Joe:

Just a quick note to thank you for booking us at 23rd Street Armory, on
behalf of The Castle. The band loved it and it seemed that the attendees did
also. We'd love to do it again. One suggestion; If possible, try to book us
with a bit more notice. Especially if the date goes back into December, like
in previous years. It is a busy time for us.

Thanks again, and please thank Matt for us.

Steve Barbone
Barbone Street Jazz Band

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From: Joe Schmidt (reply to Wharton School, U of P)
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To: Steve Barbone
Subject: Jazz Event, University of Pennsylvania

Mr. Barbone:

On behalf of the Castle and Matt, I want to thank you for coming and
playing.  We have heard a lot of rave reviews and it seems like everyone
enjoyed the band and party.  I apologize about the late booking, we had
a problem at one of our other parties and were unsure about whether
Metro would happen at all, and by time we decided we could have it, the
Armory only had one date left.  We will certainly contact you again next


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