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Sat Nov 27 20:56:43 PST 2004

It sounds like Ernie has found Jazz Musicians' heaven, assuming there 
are some nice waitresses working at the bar and, he can easily walk to 
his apartment. He might stand to rake in a lot of coin and self 
satisfaction from the lawsuits. Let's hope so.

He also recorded with the Original Salty Dogs at the Premier Studio in 
St Louis. He came in to do 2nd cornet. Carol Leigh did vocals. Ron 
Halstead, dear departed listmate from Oz produced the recording which is 
still available from Bill Armstrong. I took a heap of pictures in the 
studio but, the flash didn't work properly. Bugger!


jazzdude at bellsouth.net wrote:

>Hello all !
>Someone asked about the latest concerning Ernie Carson, cornetist. I had the pleasure of spending 
>Thanksgiving with the Hal Johnson family.  Hal ( tuba) and Ernie go back to the Turk Murphy days and has know Ernie before Ernie was old enough to be allowed in the clubs where live bands carried on. 
>Hal told me that Ernie no longer plays the cornet as he has lost interest, but still plays the piano. He lives in Portland in a two room apartment and performs in a local bar where he is paid $35.00 plus a meal and all the beer he can drink. I was also told that Ernie has a propensity to sue people and when Hal was last in Portland, Ernie had five lawsuits in progress.
>I worked with Ernie for many years in the Atlanta area and on several tours with various leaders and I always enjoyed his "driving" horn. It's sad to learn that he no longer plays, but frankly I'm surprised he is still living, considering his bad habits.  
>Happy Holidays
>Dave Hanson
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