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I have about 450 - 500 tunes and about 60 Dixie.  I play quite regularly
using the program.  We use up to three horns and a pair of 15" JBL EON
monitors. (only one on smaller gigs)  No it's not as good (or as fun) as a
good rhythm section but it allows me to play singles that I was never able
to get before. It is better in some ways than midi because you can change
things on the fly or quickly.  A couple of years ago there was an Elvis
performer that we were interfering with.  We were amplified and he was
acoustic in the same room. (dumb) He came up and asked if we had any of his
tunes.  We had  tunes that he could do but the only catch were the keys.  As
most of you know these guys like to play in E a lot.  No problem just change
keys and go for it.  The client was happy, Elvis was happy and it avoided
hard feelings.

 We played two weeks ago at a local country club to about 300 people so it
does work for me.  The Sr Citizen groups  are happy because they get a show
and better musicians.  The horn players like to get the gigs.  Here there
just aren't enough rhythm players to go around.  I book 3 hour gigs for $350
which is $100-125 to my sideman and I take home $225-250 which is more than
I get as a sideman.  At first some of the guys didn't want to use the
contraption but since I was paying fairly well and they didn't have other
gigs -  the rest is history.  I typically use it in a trio mode.  Piano Bass
and Drums -- never any of the horns they suck.  The only drawback to the
program is the poor endings generated but they can be written around.

Band in the box is all about the bucks you can make.  Last year I made more
money with my computer than with all of the other gigs combined.  Those were
all gigs that I could not have booked without it or if I was able to book
the gig I would have made less money.  There are guys that are playing the
nursing home/ Sr. Citizen circuit that make $35 on a gig.  I make $125 - 150
and pay $50-75 to my sideman depending on the gig.  That's not bad for an
hour playing with a 30 min setup and tear down.  This is above scale by the
way for that kind of gig.  What's really neat is that the rec directors pass
your name around and you get more jobs.  I don't even have to solicit the
things.  I play three gigs on Fat Tuesday.  I almost booked three gigs on NY
eve this year.  One in the afternoon, one 5-9 and one 10-1.  I have done
that three years but unfortunately I took a job for NY eve with a regular
band a few days after the 5-9 canceled and the 10-1 wanted to book.  It was
all a matter of timing that I blew this year.  I have booked NYears day the
past several years.  All with BIAB.

By the way I just booked  my Cinco de Mayo act for next year and a corporate
xmas party yesterday.

The secret is a good sound system and a mixer to control the whole mess.

I use it as a rehearsal aid. Since the rhythm section time is at a premium
and we have horn players that need to keep up their chops I program in tunes
for horn rehearsal only. That way we don't have to burn up the rhythm
sections time and patience.

This program is not expensive.  I think about $150 for new purchase for
everything,  They throw a xmas special every year so now is the time to get
it.  I have to quit for now, I have a gig, but I will send on the web site
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> Some of those who use BB could share files to create a library of tunes. I
have about 200 songs in on my computer. Not all are OKOM, but many are.
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