[Dixielandjazz] Changed tempos for symphonic standards

Cees van den Heuvel heu at bart.nl
Sat Nov 27 13:44:18 PST 2004

Another example is Ain't mesbehavin' played slow.
Waller played it in the right tempo, but most bands don't.

Cees (I agree with Bill Gunter, but won't make a habit of it") van den 

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> Hi listmates,
> Speaking of contemporary orchestral conductors, I have noticed that recent 
> recordings of the standard symphonic repertoire seem to be taking extreme 
> liberties with tempos (tempi?).
> I heard a rendition of the Rachmaninov 3rd piano concerto that screwed up 
> virtually every phrase. The molto vivace passages were lento and vice 
> versa. Drove me bats.
> I hear it more and more.  The claim that slowing the tempo down allows the 
> intricacies of the rhymic patterns to emerge is, to me, simple doo doo and 
> represents arrogance on the part of the conductor or the soloist.
> I heard the Moldau opening phrases (representing trickles of water from 
> melting snow as they cascade down the mountainside to gather into a mighty 
> river) being played so slooowwwwlyy that I thought it was molasses oozing 
> down the mountain. Utter Crap!!!
> I won't listen to that stuff. Drives me bonkers.
> Same is true of dixieland tunes. Sometimes I hear wildly altered tempos 
> for standards from some band trying to get a new expression out of it and 
> it really jangles my sensibilities.
> Other that that all is well with the world and I'm a happy human being.
> Respectfully submitted,
> Bill "If it's supposed to be fast play the goddam thing fast!" Gunter
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