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Rob Henneveld - Jazz Connection info at jazzconnection.nl
Wed Nov 24 11:21:04 PST 2004

Hi listmates,


I used to perform with an Sennheiser Blackfire 521 (which is probably a new
version of the 410 I guess ?? ) for my clarinet and I also used it for my
tenor and alto sax. For clarinet it is really a great mike. It takes every
sound around it. That's also in the same time the problem with this mike. If
I stand in front of the drummer and move a little bit to the right or left,
it takes the sound of the drums also.

Since I perform mostly saxophone during a gig combined to some backing
vocals and a few clarinet solo's the complete front section (3: sax,
trombone and trumpet/flugelhorn) changed to wireless AKG mikes (actually
with a sennheiser amp. and receiver in one 19 inch rack). I do the
vocals/clarinet with sennheiser evolution 845 or shure sm 58. This is
because of the quick changes of instruments and positions on stage we make
during our show (also during one song). Therefore we like to perform with
our regular sound engineer which knows where the solos will take place. We
bring our own wireless system with us. Lot's of Jazz festivals do not
understand this at all although we have a very clear stage plan and rider to
this point. 


Warmest regards,


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