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Steve said
> That's why I hate microphones, and monitors, and any amplification except
>that of the double bass and amplified guitar.

Steve I am with you on amplifiers, except that I would go further and insist
wherever possible on acoustic bass. The biggest problem in achieving balance
these days is booming of over amped bass and the elastic band twanging that
comes from most of the bassists these days. If you need sound enhancement
stick a microphone on it for large venues. If the guitar is a proper
electric instrument, then so be it. It is a legitimate instrument in its own
right - but if not, mike that if need be, but again play acoustic where
possible. I have been on lots of gigs with other bands where amped bassists
stop playing to crank up the volume. Learn to play dynamically as a band and
the music will always be better. The other way and it become world war ll
John Petters
Amateur Radio Station G3YPZ

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Larry made some great points about amplified sound, recordings etc. The most
interesting to me was the point that we all hear differently. Amen.

Personally, I have never heard a band on an album, or CD, that sounded
anything like they did live. Therefore, to me, what they produced for
posterity was artificial.

We 3 horns set up close together, just a few inches in front of the rhythm
section which is also close together. We hear each other fine.

My biggest bitch about mikes is that once a horn player starts playing to a
mike, he/she cheats on the natural sound, the natural articulation and on
the jazz conversation.

Just a personal opinion, however I am unanimous in it. Or, as Bill Haesler
would say "one eyed". ;-) VBG

Steve Barbone 

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