[Dixielandjazz] Suncoast Festival

Harry Epp heppkat at juno.com
Mon Nov 22 13:30:41 PST 2004

Hi All:
Those of you who missed the Suncoast Festival at Clearwater FL really
missed a "goodie"
It was a not a large festival but they had some great bands.

The Uptown Low down Band and BED were my favorites. I had to pass up some
great bands because of them.
The UTLD never fails to impress me with their library, There Tempos,
Dynamics, Drive,  and choice of selections.
Bert is also a natural wit!!

What can I say about Dan Barrett? He is not only a great trombonist but
excellent arranger, cornetist, and piano picker. 
His group is so different. It is great to hear the musicianship of Eddie
Erickson, Beckie Kilgore and of course Joel Forbes
who puts in the bottom with his accoustic bass.

It is so nice to hear jazz played at nice volume that doesn't blast you
away. They also play such beautiful ballads.
Becky is my all time favorite she never leaves out the verse. Fast Eddie
is also a very sensitive musician.

The Sound people at Ruth's roost really had it cranked up!!! It is
strange that the clarinet is amped louder that the trumpet.

Randy Reinhart had some appropriate lyrics to Mr. Sandman where he
subsituted Mr Soundman. I wish he would have sung it.

Harry Epp
Muskat Ramblers
Ft. Lauderdale FL


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