[Dixielandjazz] Dixieland CDs for folks in their 40s. (and younger)

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Mon Nov 22 10:52:08 PST 2004

Steve barbone wrote:

> RAE ANN - rahberry at comcast.net worte
>>My daughter who lives across the country for me sent me her Christmas wish
>>list.  She's in her forties and has been to quite a few jazz festivals.
>>Here's a snip from the email to me:
>>" I've been thinking about my list, and what I would like from you is
>>Dixieland CD's. I have: Clint Baker "Tears"
>>Titan Hot Seven "Never the Same Thing Once"
>>Louis Armstrong "The Hot Fives, vol. 1"
>>Pete Fountain "Best of.."
>>Unknown "Dixieland Christmas"
>>I think that's it.  So it appears the field is wide open."
>>I'm considering sending her King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band and some Bix.
>>I'd love to hear any suggestions you all may have.  My dau is a professor.
>>She'll be a serious student.  She played oboe in junior and senior high
>>DJMLers have been a wealth of information and help to me over these past few
>>years. Any ideas to help with my Christmas shopping?
>Dear Rae Ann:
>Might I suggest the Mosaic reissues of Eddie Condon's work from the 1950s
>onward? Or Louis Armstrong's later efforts with the All Stars? Or
>"Ambassador Satch"? Or similar Chicago style, or Condon style "SWINGING
>DIXIELAND"? There is a wealth to choose from and from our experience, they
>are EXCITING to most folks in your Daughter's age bracket.
>Also, since she played oboe, she would probably love some of the Kenny
>Davern CDs issued over the past few years on Arbors. They are all GREAT,
>swing like crazy and she would understand his command of the instrument as
>well as his communication of the ideas in his mind.
>Steve Barbone
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I'd surely add Coast Concert (Hackett and Teagarden with top L.A. vets) 
and Jazz Ultimate, again Hackett and Big T only with NY sidemen.  The 
Coast Concert is so relaxed and free spirited as to make you float 
along. Their take on Our Monday Date, with Phil Stevens going over form 
string bass to tuba, would have made Louis very "at home."
So many sides, so little t ime!!
Don Ingle

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