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Len Nielsen lennielsen at telus.net
Thu Nov 18 23:44:33 PST 2004

Al Singer wrote

"I  am  quite sure that Milt Buckner,organist/pianist who played in Hamp's
band was Teddy's brother, and both came out of Detroit.    al singer"

I have transcribed part of the liner notes, below, for the album 
Parisian Encounter which Teddy Buckner recorded with Sidney Bechet in 
1958. Several listmates have already given info contained here , however 
there is additional general info, such as who he played with during his 

It does mention that he played with Lionel Hampton.

Joe Darensbourg who played clarinet on Teddy's Dixieland Jubilee LP 
apparently also played with Kid Ory's band at the same time as Teddy 

Len Nielsen

start of liner notes:

In 1958, the organisers of the Cannes Festival called on a trumpeter
appreciated by enthusiasts of traditional jazz in California and the
West Coast, but much less well-known in Europe:Teddy Buckner. Born in
Texas where he was born in 1909, John Edward "Teddy" Buckner had already
however a well-filled career behind him. Having played with various
middle-ranking bands (Speed Webb, Sonny Clay), he was in China with Buck
Claytion in 1934-35, and performed in the Lionel Hampton, Benny Carter,
Horace Henderson and Kid Ory bands before heading his own group in 1954
which performed mostly in California and which regularly took part in
the famous Dixieland Jubilee promoted by Gene Norman. In 1955, 20 years
after having played with Louis Armstrong in Pennies From Heaven Buckner
performed with Ella Fitzgerald in the film Pete Kelly's Blues. Strongly
influenced by Armstrong, Buckner proved however to those discovering him
at this time that he was a trumpeter with a powerful style, full of
sonority, with electrifying drive, and particularly good on the mute (I
Can't Get Started, Souvenirs de la Nouvelle-Orleans) and fully able to
lead a collective improvisation ( Weary Blues) in the purest mannner of
New Orleans trumpeters.

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