[Dixielandjazz] Re: Sud Buster's Dream?

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Tue Nov 16 19:44:26 PST 2004

By the way, Tiny Parham also wrote "Washboard Wiggles" which is (to my mind) 
and even gooder washboard tune.  Also, one can hardly listen to Sod Buster's 
Dream without Washboard Wiggles being evoked. I think they're the same tune 
only one is upside down. Other than that they sound pretty much alike to me.

In any case, Tiny, I love you!!!


Bill "Thimbles" Gunter
jazzboard at hotmail.com

All washboard tunes sound the same Bill :)))   ROTFLOL

Ever seen the Washboard #1 Hit Records Charts ??

#1.   for 84 years now:    "Washboard Blues"  as recorded by Willie Whakit 
and the Clothesline gang.  on the Soapbox label a division of Proctor and Gamble 
I believe.

All the rest of them are simply known as:

Washboard opus 2 - 386  

I hear tell they have a new release planned for 2005 called Ebb Tide and on 
the flip side will be Whisk O My Heart, which was actually release about 
1940ish as Deep Purple but it got re-mixed with the Bleach Boys and came out a 
Whiter shade of Pale.


Tom Wiggins

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