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Back in the early 1970, I visited Nikolaev in the USSR (now Ukraine), the birthplace of Hodes, several times on business,  One day I visited the local museum and asked if they had heard of him . I got blank stares. I later sent them articles and many CDs of Hodes and there is now a section of the museum dedicated to him. I never met him in person.
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  I didn't notice any mention of Art Hodes Cenetenary on Sunday. Did you all
  forget? We marked it at our Stratford festival with a tribute to both Art
  and Wild Bill (who died on 14th Nov 1989). Young Allen Beechey did a superb
  job on cornet and young Heather Birt was excellent on bass. Here is an
  example of two recent comers to the jazz scene who know what it is about,
  Martin Litton did the piano duties admirable. The rest of us, Campbell
  Burnap, Dave Bailey and mself were able to elaborate the proceedings with
  fond memories of these two jazz giants from our Legends of American
  Dixieland tour in 1989.



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