[Dixielandjazz] Artistic Integrity

TCASHWIGG at aol.com TCASHWIGG at aol.com
Mon Nov 15 22:52:34 PST 2004

We live in a world of diminishing integrity.  Capitalism has spun out of 
control and is turning us into a lowest common denominator society. The artistic 
community is caught in the tide with not enough of us swimming upstream. 
 Society no longer recognizes true value. We can change that.

Decreasing appreciation for the arts (and fewer schools teaching art and 
music) is grossly affecting our well being as a society. We Artists potentially 
have an equal voice to Corporate America, and therefore a huge opportunity and 
responsibility to the public at large. If Corporate America recognizes social 
responsibility and we embrace the opportunity to educate by breaking new 
artistic ground, Society will once again recognize true value and everyone can live 
in a Culture of Integrity.

We have the gift to create, inspire, and shape the world through our work. 
Corporate America (I include the government) relies on rhetoric. No one should 
tell the public how to think, but Artists provide colorful canvases or musical 
vibrations that inspire free minded people to think for themselves and 
rediscover what truly drives happiness.

The dilemma lies in Maintaining Artistic Integrity while Running Your Career 
as a Business. As impossible as it seems, it is more attainable than ever 
before. Many big businesses are imploding, creating a vortex in which we can rise 
and prosper while having a positive effect on society. That's where integrity 
comes in - if we remain honest with the audience and true to ourselves, we are 
doing society a great service. We can educate and inspire the public to reach 
new cultural heights.



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