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 Helpful information.
Re: Foreign Entry Requirements:

After 14, May 2002, when President Bush Signed the Border Security and Visa 
Entry Reform Act, many Countries around the World then changed their 
requirements for US Citizens to enter their Countries. These requirements can include 
items such as Passports, Visas, Immunizations, Fees, Driver License, HIV 
Testing, etc. For a complete list of Foreign Entry Requirements, for US Citizens, go 
to the Bureau of Consular Affairs website at: 
http://travel.state.gov/visa/americans1.html and scroll down to your Country of interest. Please note that 
Foreign Country Requirements change rapidly, I would highly recommend using the 
contact information, provided on the website, and then contact the Consulate's 
Office or Embassy directly, to confirm the requirements needed. Visas can take 
some time (months) to obtain, so you need to plan ahead.

Re: Performance Contracts:

If you are a member of a Musicians Union, much International Contract 
Information can be obtained from them.

 If you are a part of an International Tour, such as the “Department of 
Defense Tour” or the “Grand Ole Opry EuroTour”, they will have Contracts with the 
Venues and Cultural Ministers and YOUR Contract is with the Tour Promoter 

 In some Multi Cultural Tour situations, the Promoter will obtain all the 
necessary documents for you and no individual Visas will be required. 

However, if you are making the arrangements yourself, I think some important 
items to consider, in your personal Performance Contract, may start with:

Wages for your concert, in US Dollars or local currency?
Wages for “Additional Appearances” or “Fill in Appearances” while at the 
venue (s).

Confirmed pre -- paid Round Trip Airline Tickets
Make certain all your band members are enrolled in a frequent flyer program, 
then try and get the promoter to advance you the funds to purchase the R/T 
Airfares yourself, now charge them to the credit card that gives you frequent 
flyer miles dollar for dollar for the entire purchase, all the band members 
traveling still get the travel miles personally.  Save them up, as they can become 
very valuable for future tours and saving money on air fares and or getting 
free travel and more money in your pocket.  It might be the deal maker to get 
you an International tour too if you have enough free miles to cover your own 
transportation and share back with the promoter who paid for your flights the 
last time.  Learn to work the system.

Confirmed paid Hotel Reservations
Confirmed Ground Transportation to/from the Airport, to/from Hotel and 
Concert Venue(s).
Translator? Could be very helpful.
Clearly detail Your “On Stage and Backline Needs” (i.e.: covered stage, 
mics, monitors, stands, effects, etc.) Don’t assume anything (digital 
reverb/delay, what’s that?) 

How many Meals per day do “they” provide?
You can try for no reimbursements, all costs to be paid by Promoter (plane 
tickets, hotel, meals, etc.) However, some will set up “Meal Reimbursement 
Programs” or a “Perdiem for Meals” (Is it enough for the local economy?)
And of course your standard Contract Stuff:
Date/Time/Location/Duration of your Concert Appearance.

Deposit (1/2 of the wages on contract signing, the other half at the concert 
or festival)

Billing? Are you “Billed” as a Headline Act, Side Stage Act, etc. on their 
CD Sales: Location(s), Translator(s), Sales Staff, Currency, Credit Cards, 
etc. commissions to be paid if any,

Other Acts? This is a standard and valid research point on your behalf. Just 
because it is called a “Rodeo” does not necessarily mean it’s Western or even 
has Cowboys. Do your research to confirm you truly fit in to their Program, 
before you get completely involved.

Clearly defined Cancellation Policy.
Translations: Do you need 2 copies of the Performance Contract, written in 2 
languages and "Translation Certified"?

Be prepared. Have fun and travel safe.

Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band

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