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He would hold that Besson cornet in his hand, look at the crowd, and 
proclaim loudly "I'm gonna give you a lesson an a Besson" Then laugh his 
contagious laugh!
I loved his sound!! And persona!!
Thanks for the message!
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> I
> Bob Romans wrote:
> In the early sixties a friend of mine and I used to go to a restaurant in
> West Covina, California, and listen to Teddy Buckner and his band.
> I understand he was in the movie, "The Five Penny's", along with Satchmo.
> I've mentioned before that I spent 3 nites a week in the Beverly Caverns 
> in
> Los Angeles in the late 50's listening to Teddy Buckner.  The other 4 
> nites
> I was busy with our "young band" playing at the Roug et Noir in Seal Beach
> (the South Frisco).
> Teddy was a fantastic horn man, an excellent band leader & entertainer. 
> He
> was extremely friendly with everyone around him, including his band 
> members.
> Great memories!  I picked up a lot of ideas from him, both commercially &
> musically.
> Yes, he was in Five Pennies, and was often used in films when they 
> couldn't
> afford Satchmo (Teddy looked a bit like him).
> Good to see his name mentioned again.
> Jim
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