[Dixielandjazz] Transposition question

Mark Bauer jazz_trombone at axint.net
Sat Nov 6 21:58:03 PST 2004

English Horn has the same transposition as French Horn. It sounds a 
major fifth lower than written. So if you are playing an english horn 
part on Bb clarinet, which sounds a major second lower than written, you 
would take the english horn part down a major fourth.

Benny Theiler wrote:
> I have been asked to play an orchestral selection on Bb Clarinet.  The part is written for Oboe & English Horn.  I know the Oboe is a concert pitched instrument and I need to transpose it a M2nd higher.  My question is concerning how to transpose the English Horn part on Bb Clarinet.
> Some of you "Musical Gurus" who can help me out, please answer off list.  Many thanks, Benny Theiler, bennyth at ev1.net.................
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