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Fri Nov 5 14:27:24 PST 2004

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gmthur at delrio.com writes:

>   Tom -
>     Sitting here listening in on your and Deanna's (via Bob) chatting
> prompts me to refer you to an old Buck Owens C &W song that reminds me of
> your situation - "I've Got A Tiger By The Tail".  You're wise to suggest
> that settlement!
>   George (ROTFLMAO) Thurmond

Hi George:

The poo poo gets deeper and deeper :))    I smell it coming, :))  If Dee is 
not a member of the DJML then how did she see my original post and reply off 
list to me directly, with a cc to our buddy Mr. Wonderful and alsinger, aha the 
cat is out of the cat house!

Mr. Wonderful is stirring the pot, sly OLE devil,

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Dee personally but look forward to it, 
since several other good friends posted me off list with good things to say 
about her, hot damn  she must purt neer be a Saint of OKOM status, :))

I liked her reply and learned quickly that she is a mover and a shaker and a 
good one too, so I doubt anybody will throw any dirt on her for a long while, 
let's hope so anyway. :))

She definitely sounds like my kind of people and a lot of fun and one to be 
greatly apprciated for what she has done and will do for Jazz.

I wish all of ya'll a wonderful good time in Arizona this weekend and I will 
take my mirror and a large flask to the Fats Waller concert and join the 
mutual admiration society.  I gotta see Jay McShann he may not pass this way again.

As for Buck Owens, and "Tiger By the Tail" I remember it well and actually 
had the opportunity to play it with Buck way back in the 60's at a Country & 
Western joint in San Leandro, Ca. (The Stadium Club) when he still played the Bar 
and Dance Hall circuit.


Tom Wiggins
(trying to get out of the deep poo poo all the time)

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