[Dixielandjazz] Lester Lanin

Harold Smith s3856lpa at webtv.net
Thu Nov 4 03:12:56 PST 2004

Didn't see any mention of Lester Lanin's passing several days ago.  My
A Jazzman he wasn't, but he put a lot of good musicians to work on a
steady basis, and the stuff they played was generallly tastefully
arranged, the harmonies correct and interesting, and the repetoire was
packed with good standards.

If Lanin's approach was not exactly your cup of tea, then it should be
at least acknowledged as one more example of what could be described as
the continuation of civilized danceable music, which nowadays has fallen
into oblivion.

Years ago, I made fun of his musc, too.
Today, when I flick on the radio, I sorely bemoan the absence of same. 

Regards,  Harold Smtth

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