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Dan Augustine ds.augustine at mail.utexas.edu
Wed Nov 3 18:07:57 PST 2004

     Or, in my bibulous experience in Reno and latterly here in 
Austin, 'F2F' would probably mean 'Face to Floor', describing the 
approximate rotation of one's physiognomy to the horizontal surface 
one was formerly standing upon before the festivities commenced.  An 
appropriate lead-time would be a day or two before the event started, 
but no fewer than six hours, at least among the musician-set, 
assuming of course the availability of cheap (but good) beverages and 
complaisant companions.  In this orientation i believe that the lands 
of Oz and Austin have a great deal in common.
     I grieve not being able to join the folks in Chandler, but i 
shall redouble my efforts to attend the congregation in the future.

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>Dear Rae Ann,
>I have been noting for many years that the DJML F2Fs always seem to start an
>hour before the music starts.
>In Australia, that would only give enough time for a quick hello and two
>A proper Oz jazz F2F would start about three hours early, by which time we
>would all be ready to 'face-the-music'.
>Yours, in fun,

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